My name is Rutger Claes. I am a husband, dad, researcher, developer and data scientist living in Belgium. My free time is spent with my wife and daughter, coaching at CoderDojo and learning new geeky stuff.


Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that stuff.

I am a researcher at iMinds DistriNet labs. My work focusses on coordination of large scale distributed systems such as road traffic and smart grids. At DistriNet I perform my own PhD research, collaborate with other institutions and companies on research projects and educate students.

PhD research

My personal PhD research focusses on anticipatory vehicle routing. Predicting future road conditions and giving drivers information based on those predictions. The main challenges are the scale of the problem (there is a lot of traffic) and the predicting future traffic conditions through machine learning and data mining.

Research Projects

I've worked on various projects together with other research institutions and industrial partners. The domains in which I've worked are primarely traffic and smartgrids . My role in the projects varies from developing traffic simulation software to software archicture design and analysis.


Over the years, I've taught a variety of courses including MultiAgent Systems, Introduction to object oriented programming, Object oriented design and Problem Solving and Design. I've also supervised over 10 master thesis projects.


Sometimes you just want to build cool things.

Outside of my university work, I have built a number of hobby projects. Some of these projects are just in support of organizations I'm a part of. Some are meant to learn new technologies. And some are simply for fun.


Rutger Claes